February 2023
Total renewable energy capacity in the United States is set to expand to 470GW by the end of 2023, producing 1100TWh of clean energy, 7% higher than last year.
Solar PV will account for 40% of the total renewable energy capacity this year and is expected to reach 47% by the end of 2026. In 2023, the US will generate 240TWh of solar photovoltaic electricity, which will account for 22% of renewable power. Solar PV capacity in the US will reach 184GW by the end of 2023, 19% higher than last year. Solar PV demand is expected to exceed 265GW in 2026, producing over 376TWh of clean energy, almost 12% higher year on year.     In 2023, utility-scale solar systems will account for almost 68-70% of the country’s total solar capacity and this rate will remain roughly the same until 2026. Supportive new policies and incentives will help expand PV residential system capacity this year to 32GW, 15% higher from 2022. PV residential capacity is set to almost double over the next four years in the US.