Oil & Gas June 2020
Russia Expands Pipelines West, East and South

Despite global pricing uncertainties, geopolitical risks and questions on profitability, Russia is expanding gas exports via pipelines to its west, east, and south. They may be engineering marvels and potential cash cows, but questions of both politics and economic viability hang over the natural gas pipeline networks Russia has created to transport the massive natural gas reserves of Siberia to energy-hungry economies across Europe and China.


Metallurgical Coal June 2020
Olive Downs Finally Gets the Go Ahead

Australia, the world’s largest producer of coking coal, remains at the forefront of new coal developments. AME forecasts that Australia will supply 200Mt of metallurgical coal bound to the global export market in 2020.


Thermal June 2020
Hunter Valley Coal Chain

Australia's Hunter Valley Coal Chain (HVCC) is the largest coal export operation in the world. It consists of coal producers, rail services, coal loading and portside services.


Aluminium June 2020
India's Self Sufficiency Goal

The ‘Make in India’ initiative aims to grow India’s domestic capability in manufacturing for 1.3 billion residents. For aluminium, that means self-sufficiency and vertical integration across the entire value chain from bauxite to finished products.


Oil Refineries June 2020
China’s Independent “Teapots” Face New Threat

Shandong Province has been China's predominant oil refining region for decades, surviving multiple government crackdowns and stiff competition from larger state-run refiners, to establish a niche in the global oil market.


Steel June 2020
What’s Keeping US Blast Furnaces Going….

The United States was the fourth largest producer of crude steel in 2019, with output of 87.9Mt. Most of the steel was produced at mini-mills operating electric-arc-furnaces (EAFs), predominantly melting scrap steel and accounting for nearly ~70% of the country's production. This is the inverse to the global industry where ~75% of steel is produced via the blast-furnace/basic oxygen furnace (BF/BOF) route at integrated steel plants.


Gold June 2020
Net-Zero Carbon Supply Chain

The World Gold Council, in conjunction with Anthesis (WGCA), has identified that the Oxford Martin Principles for Climate-Conscious Investment could provide a useful reference framework by which companies operating within the gold sector can orientate their climate-conscious actions.


LNG June 2020
US LNG Exports: A Victim of Covid-19

Global LNG demand has been savaged by the coronavirus pandemic as well as a warmer than expected winter in the Northern Hemisphere. As a result, the market is oversupplied and now prices for spot LNG cargoes are expected to remain low well into 2021.

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