ALUMINIUM March 2020
How Green is 'Green' Aluminium?

Increase awareness and activity relating to greenhouse gas emissions has seen companies start to burnish their green/environmental responsibility credentials. Sometimes referred to as ‘solidified energy’, primary aluminium is one of the most energy intensive industrial-scale metals to produce. Australia’s CSIRO has estimated the total embodied energy of aluminium is 211 GJ/t (58.6MWh/t)—in comparison steel was estimated at 22.7GJ/t (6.31MWh/t).


GOLD March 2020
Central Bank Buying Spree

Central Bank accumulation of bullion has emerged as an increasingly important trend in the global market, offering additional support for prices that have rallied to the highest level since 2013 on rising demand. Authorities have been adding to reserves as growth slows, trade and geopolitical tensions rise, and some nations seek to diversify away from the dollar.


LNG March 2020
Australian LNG and US Second Wave Outlook

The LNG industry saw the start of a re-shaping phase in 2019, with further changes expected beyond 2020 as new import and export countries enter the market. Last year saw a notable switch to the development of mega-liquefaction projects, particularly in the US, Russia and Qatar.


STEEL March 2020
The Decline of European Steel

Since just prior to the GFC, crude steel production from Europe has decreased at a CAGR of -1.6%, declining from 241Mt to 198Mt in 2019. While yet to reach the low of 169Mt seen during the GFC, the trend for European steel production is undeniably heading downward. Demand for steel has shown growth out of the GFC lows but appears to be slowing and looks unlikely to reach pre-GFC demand levels.

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