Resource Advisers and Asset Intelligence
  Weaker construction in China impacting 2014 demand growth.

Will policy measures be successful softening the landing?
  Preparations for the tournament have not been without controversy.

Brazilians will remain divided over the benefits of hosting the event.
  Production cuts from older, more expensive technology.

China phases out 160kA by 2015.
  Leaner times for gold producers has reduced the relevance of the AISC.

More cost cuts to come.
AME pioneers industry analysis of resource projects. Our granular site-by-site work gives you access to a comprehensive platform of engineering models, global production research and reconciled to company financial data. This research provides detailed valuations on most of the worlds projects, mines, plants and fields. Uniquely we bridge the gap between traditional industry analysis and the very specific engineering work undertaken by technical consultants. As asset and supply side specialists (engineering economists) we offer:
  • comprehensive site and project analysis each quarter,
  • industry supply chain analysis,
  • commodity output reconciliation,
  • quarterly industry cost curves
  • and generate a factual global supply statement based upon production at the site level.

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AME Advisory is one of the most experienced global resource advisors with four decades of experience. Our broad and mixed clientele has helped us develop a mature view of the dynamics of the international market place for energy, metals and mining. Our tailored and independent market consulting services and technical reports are used for:
  • Market assessments for debt information memorandums, feasibility studies for resource, energy and associated infrastructure projects.
  • Independent market or technical reports for Initial Public Offerings.
  • Project audits and reviews involving both technical and market aspects.
  • Analysis of end-use markets for specific commodities and industries.
  • Productivity and cost benchmarking analysis for mines, smelters and refineries.

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